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Gifts and Supplies for Mystics is a shopping portal with carefully curated items for magicians, mystics, yogis and seekers, or anyone else looking for something mystical, intriguing, unusual or unique.

We surf the web looking for cool gifts and supplies. We put their pictures and links to the merchant site on these pages. We do not sell the products. We simply link to them. If more than one merchant carries a certain product, we give preference to advertisers and sponsors.

We also have a blog section where we feature articles about shamanism, esoterica, folklore, magic and earth-based spiritualities.

We have many sections in the shop, dedicated to different spiritual pathways and with an array of lifestyle gifts - and we are always adding more! Please come in, peruse our shelves and search our cabinet drawers. We're sure you will find something to pique your interest and stimulate your imagination.

Have a link you want to add to the pages? Just drop us a line at the contact form below! We'd love to hear from you.



Sky Bray Headshot

Gifts for Mystics is the brainchild of Sky Bray. Co-Owner of a local web design company, she has worked in the real world as a web admin since 2009, including stints as managing editor and freelance writer. Her labour of love is working parttime at Canada’s largest metaphysical bookstore. She is a student of shamanism, initiated into the lineages of the ancient Celts and the high Andes mountains - and of yoga, with a personal practice of 20 years. She has always wanted to have a metaphysical shop in real life, but since she lives in Vancouver Canada, where occult shops come to die, an online shop was the next logical choice. She's ecstatic to spend her time writing and researching the interwebs finding the coolest stuff she can to bring to you, dear readers (and shoppers). Read her here



Githa Grey - Gifts for Mystics

Githa Grey is endlessly fascinated with the strange and wonderful world of the occult, magic, and its history and influence on modern culture. When not reading tarot cards or playing with her cat, she's either reading, writing, or re-enchanting the world (by playing with cats). Read her here

Jude Goodwin - Gifts for Mystics

Jude Goodwin’s poems and prose have been published in print and online by various journals and shortlisted in the CBC Radio Literary Awards. Jude is a founding member of the Squamish Writers Group, founder and co-editor of The Waters, an online poetry workshop, and founder of the Sea to Sky Review. She is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with Douglas College and lives in the Lower Mainland with her wife, many kids, grandkids, dogs and a cat. Read her here

Yvonne - Gifts for Mystics

Yvonne Hanson is a blogger, photographer, landscaper and environmental & political activist living in the Lower Mainland. Read her here

Sophia Amazon - Gifts for Mystics

Sophia Amazon has been a Wiccan priestess and teacher for 30 years. She is past director of the Vancouver Goddess Choir and editor of The Witching Whole. She works in the mundane world as a project manager and web weaver.


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