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“Apothecary” is an old European word for the pharmacist, as well as for their place of business, where they mixed potions and ground herbs for healing preparations. So an apothecary was at once, the person and the place.

And what a place! We envision shelves and shelves with bottles of elixirs, tinctures and potions, stacks of dried herbs hanging from old wooden rafters, racks of book shelves along the walls and a huge fire place burning cozy in the centre, housing a big old cauldron for mixing alchemical and herbal brews of magic, health and longevity. 

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Rare Find


An apothecary's secret storage box, concealed in a 17th century folio. Only $11,000 US! But what a find.

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A curious late 19th century concoction, using an inconspicuous mid-17th-century volume of theology in a slightly later binding to conceal a miniature chest of draws with space for four bottles measuring up to ca. 10 cms. The German-language drawer labels bear the names of poisonous plants: banewort, Devil's snare, hemlock, wormwood, henbane and foxglove, among others. 


Magical Herbalism




Balms and Salves for those aches


Tinctures for Wellness


Sprays, smokes and Smudges


At the Spa




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