15 Things You Can Collect in Your Journal

15 Things for Your Journal - Gifts for Mystics

1) Tea tags - line them up and describe what you thought of each flavour.

2) Tea and coffee stains - write over each one a bit about what it was and where you were when you drank it.

3) Pressed flowers - Write where you picked them, try to identify what kind of flowers they are.

4) Postage stamps - Line them up and describe what each was affixed to. 

5) Buisiness cards from restaurants you’ve visited - describe who you were with and what you ate. 

6) Post cards (even local ones) - describe where you were and what you thought of it. 

7) Sand and Dirt smudges from parks and beaches (affix with glue) - describe who you were with and give a point form about the adventure. 

8) Daily horoscopes from the newspaper - write about how right or wrong the prediction was. 

9) Fruit stickers - line them up and label which fruit each came from. 

10) Samples from your favourite art supplies - give a short description of the style and model. 

11) Paragraphs you’ve written for school - highlight parts you are proud of and add thoughts where you left some out. 

12) Labels from your favourite foods - describe why you like it, how you eat it, and how often. 

13) Tags from new clothes- describe why you like it, try to draw what it looks like on you or an outfit you will pair it with. 

14) Nail Polish - make a few splotches of your most used colours and label them accordingly. 

15) Receipts - Cut off just the top part with the name of the business printed on it, write a little about what you bought and when, and who you were with at the time.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash