Six Journal Games for When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

6 Journal Games - Gifts for Mystics

Trying to keep a journal, but not in the mood to write? Here’s six games that will challenge your creativity without challenging your writer’s block.

1) Names:

Write a person’s name for every letter of the alphabet. The more common a name is, the better. For an extra challenge, write different alphabets with girls, boys, and neutral names.

2) Word association:

Write down the first word that comes to your head. Then, write down the first word that the original word makes you think of. Do the same for the word you wrote second. For example, if you wrote ‘dog’ you might think 'bone’ which might make you think 'skeleton’ etc. Continue the chain until the page is full.

3) Goals:

Write your dream job at the top of the page. Then, write the job that comes before it underneath. For example, if you write 'president’ then underneath you would write 'vice president’, and 'state governor’ under that. Continue this until you reach a job that is available to you. Now you have a career path!

4) Animals:

Create new names for animals based on their functions and appearance. For example, 'cow’ might be 'horse brick’, or 'penguin’ might be 'snow chicken’.

5) Understanding:

Describe a person who you hate and list their actions that have made you hate them. Under each action, write what they could have done instead. Think about why they didn’t do the things that you’ve written, and write down possible reasons.

6) Self:

Draw a Venn diagram with three circles. Lable these 'public’ 'private’ and 'with friends’. Then, write adjectives that describe the way you act and feel in each situation. Briefly describe why you think the circles might have different words