Got Awesome Planner Yet?

Planer season is here! Yaaaaaay!

I’m not sure why people go so crazy for their planners, but I am no exception. Something about stuffing life into neat little boxes, or seeing it all laid out before me, or stickers … so many stickers (drool).

Here’s our fav planners to date, with links to the 2019/20 editions where available. Also be sure to check out our Journals & Stationary isle for more ideas. Enjoy!

Biddy Tarot Planner 2019 - Gifts for Mystics

Biddy Tarot

The Biddy Tarot planner from Biddy Tarot, one of the most well known websites out there for all things tarot - cards, lessons and tons of free advice. We love Biddy!

The planner is def for reading the cards though. Biddy’s whole thing is using the cards as a kind of intuitive interface between you and your higher self. She advises using them for every day and all major and minor disturbances, decisions and directions.

Each month in the planner includes a tarot spread to work with, a card of the month and a card of the week with space to record insights and actions to take. There’s a monthly overview page with spaces to keep track of full and dark moon activities. The year starts out with a New Year’s ritual and spread for the next 12 months. The planner is beautifully printed in full colour with a good paper stock that you can use pencil or pen with.

As far as I can see she hasn’t put out her planner for next year so keep an eye out. Meantime, you can get a free printable PDF version here.

WeMoon 2020 - Gifts for Mystics


Of course we must include We’Moon! I get this planner every year, though I don’t use it for day to day planning, no - I use it for magic and inspiration mostly and THE ART! With yearly themes, WeMoon accepts artwork and writings from the wider pagan community for each edition. Next year’s theme, aptly named Wake Up Call, is packed full of the usual brightly coloured, earth-centered goodness.

It’s gorgeous as a desk calendar. It keeps track of moon cycles and astrological dates on the weekly spread, but also includes a full planetary ephemeris in the back and monthly overview pages of the lunar phases for that year. There’s also astrological notes for each sign though the months, a year-at-a-glance page, time zones, conventional holidays chart etc etc. It’s really packed full of references for anything to do with dates. It’s fantastic as a working reference guide for the year and to keep track of your important dates, magical workings and profound lessons.

They also have a wall calendar!

My Shining Year Workbook - Gifts for Mystics

My Shining Life

More of a workbook than a planner, Leoni Dawson’s My Shining Life and My Shining Biz books are a stellar edition to your planning mania. Note: avoid if you don’t like RAINBOWS. I use these every year! Soemtimes one or the other sometimes both. They do help you get an overview of the year to come and your goals, dreams and blockages too. Check this link for more about these amazeballs books, in the way of videos, charts and some freebees too.

Note: you can also download a digital version for print at a greatly reduced price!

Looks like the 2020 isn’t out for sale yet so stay tuned to her page there or check Amazon, her main distributor.

Eule Planner 2020 front - Gifts for Mystics
Eule Planner 2020 inside - Gifts for Mystics

Eule Planner

We discovered this planner this year and I have to say, it’s hands down my new favourite for day-to-day planning of my life and my business. Kersten Martin’s Eule planner was created with the similar planner from Germany, Leuchtturm, in mind but with a few improvements - more pages, extra charts and new ways to organize time. This is the only planner I find I go to every day to use. It’s the size of a book so you can pack it anywhere and it has the elastic band around it to keep everything in. I do wish it had pockets though.. maybe next year! From Kersten:

As a web designer and online educator I love technology, but using this analog system helps my brain prepare for the week ahead and stay focused and organized. My planner is specifically designed for the needs of busy online entrepreneurs and it includes the following tracking charts and features:

  1. Annual and Monthly Goals

  2. Weekly and Monthly To Do’s

  3. Year/Month/Week At A Glance

  4. My Daily Schedule

  5. Track Your Statistics (e.g. Social or Money)

  6. Monthly Blog Post Planning

  7. Newsletter Planning and Stats

  8. Mingling: Guest Hosting and Appearances

  9. Detailed Project or Daily Task Tracking

  10. Monthly Inspirational Quotes

Pre-orders for 2020 available here.

Did we miss your favourite planner? We’d love ot hear about it in the comments! No - really. We’d LOVE to hear about it. Planners planners planners… yum.