Spooky Museums and haunted places

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The American Museum of Magic Marshall, MI
The mission of the American Museum of Magic is to inspire and delight the public with the wonder of magic by documenting and celebrating the contributions and lives of magicians.

The Witch Dungeon Salem, MA
The Witch Dungeon Museum offers a live reenactment of a trial followed by a tour of the dungeon

The Warren’s Occult Museum Monroe, CT
The oldest and only museum of its kind. Houses the largest array of obscure and Haunted artifacts.

The Paranormal Museum Asbury Park, NJ

Martinka & Co. Midland Park, NJ
Est. 1877. Purveyors of Wonder. Once owned by Houdini.

Merchant’s House Museum New York, NY
NYC's only family home preserved intact - inside and out - from the 19th century. Manhattan’s Most Haunted House (The New York Times)

The History Museum at The Castle Appleton, WI
Award-winning exhibits and on-going events about Fox Valley history and Harry Houdini

The Dali Museum FL
The Dali Museum cares for and shares an expertly curated collection of Salvador Dali works to delight and educate our visitors and to provide unique inspiration for events, programs & special exhibits.


Merrylin Cryptid Museum - Gifts for Mystics

You have stumbled upon the Merrylin Cryptid Museum,  the life's work of Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno -Archeologist Thomas Merrylin. This is the online archive of his unique collection of specimens. Creatures and artifacts thought to be nothing more than myth. It is a mystery that challenges our understanding of biology, chemistry and the very laws of physics. But this is no fairytale, for he was a scientist, and empirical evidence and rational thought hold sway here. There is a lot to see and read, so please take your time to peruse the website.

The Magic Circle Museum
Pursuing excellence in magic and appreciation of its heritage. Featuring magic tricks, props, posters, programs, toys, photographs and artefacts related to conjuring history. London, UK

Museum of Witchcraft Cornwall, UK
The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, North Cornwall has over 3000 objects and 7000 books

Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft Hólmavík, Iceland

Museo dei Tarocchi Riola, Italy
Museum of Tarot, tarot publishers

Musée de la Magie Paris, France
Located in the cellar space under the Marquis de Sade’s residence, Musée de la Magie offers magic shows as well as exhibits featuring optical illusions, secret boxes, wind-up toys and magic mirrors.

The Dalí Theatre and Museum, is a museum of the artist Salvador Dalí in his home town of Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain. Dalí is buried there in a crypt below the stage.