Editorial Guidelines for Gifts for Mystics


GFM mission statement:

GIFTS FOR MYSTICS is a shopping portal with carefully curated gifts and supplies for magicians, yogis and seekers, or anyone else looking for something mystical, intriguing, unusual or unique. Our mission is to inform, intrigue, educate and inspire our audience, while spreading enchantment everywhere we go.


Posts on the GFM website are helpful and interesting. No need to overly SEO everything. We want a natural voice. It helps if you are really interested in our topics.

Topics can include all things magick, witchy, unique, occult, esoteric, mystical, bohemian rhapsody, folklorish, creepy and curio. paranormal, supernatural, historical. Our audience is intelligent, well read and discerning. With a lot of woo-woo out there in the New Age genre, we strive to stand out by providing 100% fluff-free content.


The following are required material for the GFM blog.

Word count:

  • 600 (min) – Please don’t limit your blog post based on this number however. Posts can range from 600 – 2000 words


  • Link to other content whenever relevant. Every link included must add value for readers.

  • Note: there is a charge for all paid 3rd party links

Formatting, style and spacing:

  • Please always - only one space after a period

  • Please do not overly format your post. We will do this when publishing it

  • no bold, italics etc (unless you are actually stressing a point)

  • no numbered lists or dashes - use bullets

  • no underlines for titles or otherwise

  • Always begin with an introduction to your topic

  • Use headers and sub-headers to break up your post

  • Avoid big blocks of text

  • When writing headlines be specific and indicate a benefit to the reader. Read “How to Write a Headlines” if you need pointers

  • Always end the post with a concluding sentence or paragraph

Author bio:

  • Author bio should be 50 words max

  • Include your headshot (350×350)

  • Link to your Twitter, LinkedIn and company if you choose


We may edit your post or bounce it back to you for up to 2 revisions. We may edit anchor text and links that are not relevant to your post.


We ask that your article not be published elsewhere previously to publishing with us. You are free to publish elsewhere afterwards provided you state that the article was first published on Gifts for Mystics and provide a link back to the original.


We’d love it if you would  promote your post throughout your social networks. We ask that you share it more than once on multiple networks over multiple days. The time frame and scheduling is up to you.

How to Submit

  • If you are a regular writer with GFM, you may be invited to our Basecamp and can submit into our writer’s studio. We’ll send you more info in this case.

  • Otherwise please submit via the contact form on this page here

  • Don’t forget your BIO

  • Note: as stated, submitting to GFM gives us exclusive “first rights” to your article


Writers are not paid at this time. We promote our site through Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and other media - your articles will be promoted as they are published. You will be listed in our Contributors section, and we invite you to use our site as a platform to promote your own website, blog or project, provided they are related to our content and mission.